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May 28, 2015
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CWA Town Hall Calls
Pick up the phone!!!!
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Stewards Attent CWA District 2-13 Leadership Conference
Pictured from right to left: Richard Hatch, Kerri Ross, Skeeter Grubb, Tonya Carter, David Maino, and Shelly Camp
Why We Wear Red
If you've ever wondered why we wear red on Thursdays, here is the answer. There is also a 15 minute video that is very powerful and worth a look!
CWA Members Donate to Food Drive
CWA Local 2201 would like to thank its members for their generosity. With your help, the local was able to raise 225 pounds of food for the needy.
American Red Cross Unionizes

Red Cross Votes CWA

CWA Local 2201 would like to welcome new Brothers and Sisters to our Local from The American Red Cross Blood Services. Yesterday employees voted 113-35 to form a Union and join our Local. A special thank you to Stephanie Pazur for working hard to assist these workers in gaining a voice. Please welcome these new union members into our local.


AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #41 - Tentative Agreement (TA) Reached.
May 13, 2015

Legacy T Bargaining Report #41 - Tentative Agreement Reached(*)
After over two months of bargaining we have reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) at the Legacy T table.  The team feels we were able to beat back the majority of the Company’s retrogressive demands.  While there are increases in the cost of Health Care, they are much less than the Company originally demanded and we have added an option with lower premiums. We negotiated wage increases that will more than cover those costs and give our members significantly more money in their pockets during the life of this agreement. Rather than the pension freeze the Company wanted, we got a pension increase and maintained and improved our job security language.(*)
A more detailed report will be posted within 24 hours and even more detail will be presented to the Local Presidents at the Contract explanation meeting and to you before your ratification vote.(*)
Legacy T and District 4 are both announcing our TA’s today.(*)
We want to thank all the Locals and Members who mobilized to make this agreement possible.  It would not have happened without your participation.(*)
Your Bargaining Team,(*)
Bill Bates(*)
Laura Unger(*)
Lois Grimes-Patow(*)
Martha Flagge(*)
Mary Ellen Mazzeo(*)
LaNell Piercy(*)
Roy Hegenbart(*)
Cindy Neumeyer(*)

AT&T Legacy - No Strike Yet. Keep Mobilizing. Stay Informed.
Apr 14, 2015  2:00 pm
Legacy T Bargaining Update
The Contract has expired. We are continuing to bargain without a Contract. There can be no business as usual. While we are still negotiating, we are very angry with the lack of movement at the table. However, we are committed to keeping our Members earning a pay check and keeping the Company off balance while we continue to fight at the table and you continue to fight on the job.
In Unity,
Your Bargaining Team

April 14, 2015 11:56am

Our Members at AT&T Legacy face a possible Work Stoppage at noon today. Bargaining for this nationwide contract has been going on for weeks and the contract has been extended until Noon today. For those members at Legacy AT&T, you will be contacted as soon as we hear anything regarding a work stoppage with further instructions.
For Verizon members, certain facilities around our footprint are joint AT&T/Verizon use. If a picket line is up at a Verizon designated entrance then call your immediate supervisor and advise you are unable to cross the picket line. We would also advise you to contact the local.
Please contact the local with any questions.

Richard Hatch



For being elected to represent the State of Virginia in bargaining for the CWA/Verizon contract. Richard is the best candidate for this position. Local 2201 is very proud!

CWA Convention

CWA 75th Convention

Nominations for Delegate to CWA's 75th Convention were held on Thursday, March 5th at 5:30p.m.  Four petitions were received and accepted to send the following to CWA's convention on June 8-10, 2015 in Detroit, MI.  

Congratulations to:  Jim Morris (East/Fred), Inesa Scruggs (CDS), Roy Shumaker (OPN), Jim Wilson (IPO).

Due to the number of petitions received, an election was not necessary.

Thanks to all for your hard work and commitment to represent CWA Local 2201!


Verizon News
CWA Statement on Proposed Sale of Verizon Assets to Frontier Communications. Information may also be found on the CWA website at
Verizon News
Sale confirmed by Verizon. Texas, California and Florida will be sold to Frontier. Wireless towers in some areas also sold. http://www.verizon.
CPS Award


The Amount is $713.00.  You should see the money on your March 13, 2015 paycheck.

What's New at CWA 2201
Anthem Hit by Hackers
Many of our Verizon workers and Retirees have their healthcare administered through Anthem. Communication went out from Anthem to many members and we are waiting to hear if any of our information was compromised. Verizon has reached out and said it possibly has been. As soon as we hear more info we will send it out. http://www.wsj. Read More...
Attention Union Brothers and Sisters in the Verizon bargaining unit: Bargaining Surveys were mailed yesterday for 2015 Negotiations with Verizon. This is for contract effective August 2, 2015. Please complete and return in the enclosed envelope. They are to be returned no later than January 12, 2015. Happy New Year. Read More...
EVP and VP Election Results

On Monday, November 3rd, the Election Committed counted ballots for the position of Executive Vice President and Vice President of CDS and OSP.  The results are as follows:

Thank you very much!

Angela Whelan, Election Chair

Action Center

Report a Contractor!
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